Support for Nomads

We support Nomads/local families from our Donation boxes by Customers.

Volunteering works in Society

We serve/volunteering in our society by Granting Elementary school projects.

Attending/Creating social projects

In the future, we will initial to create many social projects for kids, nomads, local famiies in Mongolia.


Mongolian Travel strives to increase cultural and environmental awareness. From the very beginning, we have placed the utmost importance on cultural and the environmental preservation through our leadership and environmental stewardship. We believe that responsible tourism is the best way to promote and respect the local environment and culture. All of our tours are specially designed to give travelers the experience of interacting with local nomads. Our ancestors taught us to have a deep respect for the environment because they believed every object in nature is precious. With that same respect, we conduct our business with environmentally sensitivity, especially in our national parks and wildlife reserves. By establishing positive partnership with the local communities, we are better able to promote our beautiful country to visitors. This unique partnership inspires greater growth for all parties involves. For example, we obtain as money of our products and services from local nomads as possible. This includes hiring local guides and wranglers; renting horses, camels and yaks; buying meats and dairy products; and supporting local artisans. Traveling with us will support nomads in the rural areas and contribute to their livelihoods as herders in the countryside. We encourage our clients to be active participants and supporters by following responsible, green, and travel smart principles.


Mongolian Travel takes social responsibility very seriously and is actively engaged in promoting the wellbeing of our local communities. We believe that serving our communities is one of the cornerstones of our company’s success. We achieve this by working closely with local communities to address their needs in whatever we can. Key areas of support include education for children, providing essential amenities for underprivileged children, and establishing a sustainable livelihood for local herdsmen and their families. We believe job creation and skills developments plays an extremely important role in supporting local communities achieve sustainable economic prosperity, By cooperating with local small and medium sized enterprises, we provide local players the opportunity to be actively engaged in our business.

Every year we donate a certain percentage of our annual income to support different projects in many provinces. Our initiatives have been focused on three fronts: social and cultural, environmental protection, and sports.