1. Festivals of Fall and Spring of 2024 and 2025

Date: Festival Name Location
24,Feb-26,Feb Tsagaan Sar - Lunar New Year  All places in Mongolia
2,March-3,March Ice Festival Mongolia Khatgal, Khuvsgul lake
4,March-5,March Spring Golden Eagle Festival Chinggis Khaanii Khuree camp
6,March-7,March Thousand Camel Festival  Bulgan soum, Umnugovi province
21-23,March Nauryz Spring Festival Kazakh ethnic throughout Mongolia
6,June Nomadic mini Naadam Festival Mongol Nomadic camp (60km from west of UB)
27,June Nomadic mini Naadam Festival Mongol Nomadic camp (60km from west of UB)
29-30,June Khunnu music Festival Tsonjin boldog, Chinggis Khan statue complex


2. Festivals of Summer/Autumn of 2024 and 2025

3-5,July Play time festival Gachuurt village (25km from UB)
7,July-8,July Tsaatan festival Khatgal village, Khovsgol province
10,July National Costume festival Chinggis square, Ulaanbaatar city
11,July-13,July National Naadam Festival Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
22,July Yak Festival Bat-Ulziit soum, Uvurkhangai province
5,August Journey to Little 99 warriors Tsaidam camp, Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province
7,August Orkhon valley Horse Festival Tsaidam bag, Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province
8,August-9,August Sand Festival in Western Mongolia Gun Nuur, Mongolian Great Sand, Gobi-Altai province
18,August Yak Festival Ikh Tamir, Arkhangai province
15,Sep-16,Sep Altai Nomad Games Altai soum, Bayan-Ulgii province
17,Sep-18,Sep Golden Eagle Festival Sagsai town, Bayan-Ulgii province
19,Sep-20,Sep Altai Eagle Festival  Tolbo, Bayan-Ulgii province
3,Oct-4,Oct Golden Eagle Festival Bugat village, Bayan-Ulgii province
November Steppe Horse Festival Khentii province